The Richest Countries of the World

Top 15

There are 209 countries in the world and many manage to raise billions in revenue while some also manage to make trillions. To compare which country is the richest we will be looking at their GDP per capita income.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is a country in Europe. Its GDP per capita income is $52150.

It is famous for tourism, which is part of the tertiary sector. Most developed countries have a high dependence on the tertiary or rather service sector compared to manufacturing or agriculture, which are the primary and secondary sectors.

  1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is another very famous, beautiful and peaceful country in Europe where the standard of living is very high. Its capital; Amsterdam is very popular amongst tourists. Its GDP per capita income is $53580.

  1. Saudia Arabia

This is a very well developed country because of its abundance in oil. Many Muslims from all around the globe come to Makkah for pilgrimage. The country follows Islamic laws and rules are very strict in cities like Makkah. Its GDP per capita income is $55260.

  1. United State of America

This country is one of the biggest counties in the world and undoubtedly has one of the biggest economies. It is popular for Hollywood and modern technology. Cities like New York and San Francisco are very expensive to live in. United States of America is also a very popular place for students since it has one of the most prestigious universities in the world such as MIT, Harvard, Yale and many others. Its GDP per capita income is $59500.

  1. San Marino

The country has a population of nearly 9 million and it is in recovery mode as rising employment rates and domestic and external demand helped lead to a growth in San Marino’s GDP after a recession. It GDP per capita income is. $60360.

  1. Hong Kong

It is a country in Asia. It is densely populated and boasts many tourist attractions. It is also one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Its GDP per capita income is $61020.

  1. Switzerland

It is a well-known country in Europe that has very cold weather. Its capital; Zurich is home to ETH Zurich, one of the best Universities of the world. The GDP per capita income is $61360.

  1. United Arab Emirates

This country is located in Asia, the middle east. It is a popular tourist destination and boasts the tallest skyscraper, fastest roller coaster and one of the best airlines of the world; Emirates. Its GDP per capita income is $68250.

  1. Kuwait

It is another country in Middle East Asia that has a GDP per capita income of $69670.

  1. Norway

This is another naturally beautiful country in Europe. It’s GDP per capita income is $70590.

  1. Ireland

Ireland is a country in Europe and Northern Ireland is also part of the United Kingdom under Queen Elizabeth. Its GDP per capita income is $72630.

  1. Brunei

This is a country in Asia. It has one of the richest kingdoms in the world and its GDP per capita income is $76740.

  1. Singapore

This is a very small yet successful country in Asia. Its tourist industry is very big and its GDP per capita income is $90530.

  1. Luxembourg

This is the country of the rich, where taxes are very low thus rich people tend to settle here. It is because if this that their GDP per capita income is as high as $109190.


The richest country in the world is located in Asia and produces a ton of oil. Its GDP per capita income is very high at $124930.