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The prime suspect in ‘Khadija stabbing case’ filed an appeal

The main suspect of the Khadija stabbing case filed an appeal and challenges Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah’s decision of Lahore High Court.

Hussain stated that the notice against him should be dismissed and hearing of this case be held by routine, not on daily basis.

On this Khadija said that “I came here for justice and Chief Justice should look that why his orders are being challenged because Justice Mansoor instructed Mubashir Hussain Awan to conduct the hearing of this case on daily basis within 30 days.

On 3rd of May 2016, Khadija’s classmate Hussain stabbed her 23 times on Davis Road, Lahore. After one year Khadija is still waiting for justice,

He also gave her exam with her attacker under the same roof.

During an interview, she said, “I am standing my ground because if I let go, then this would create more such avenues.”

Khadija claims that despite having a video of the incident, Hussain’s family due to their strong background managed to secure his bail and he is now moving freely.

Hussain as bailed by session court on 1st of December 2016, just after spending two months in jail.

Khadija also filed a petition against this decision but it was suspended.

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