The pride moments of Pakistan throughout 2015

Pakistani nation admires and waits for any good news by the Pakistan people at international platforms. It is always a pride moment for whole nation whenever any Pakistani enlightens the name of his country.

Here are some of the heroes of Pakistan who raised their country’s name on international level in year 2015.

  • Pakistan was declared as worlds second nation sheltering refugees

Pakistan has been declared as world’s second nation giving maximum shelter to refugees. Pakistan always opened its doors for homeless people and its biggest example is that Afghan people could be seen here in the country.

Pakistan Declared worlds second nation sheltering most refugees

  • Shoaib Malik

Pakistan cricket team’s all rounder Shoaib Malik became the first Pakistani to score 5,000 runs in T-20 cricket.

Shoaib Malik


  • Salman Ahmed lifts Mr Musclemania trophy in Las Vegas

Pakistani body builder Salman Ahmed lifts the Mr Musclemania trophy in Las Vegas and get honor and rewards at the international level.

Salman Ahmed who lifted Mr Musclemania trophy in Las Vegas,

  • Fawad Khan becomes the World’s third sexiest man

Pakistani heartthrob actor Fawad Afzal Khan became the third sexiest man in the world and definitely, the man led many Indians in this list

Fawad Khan

  • Shahid Khan Afridi becomes 20th most charity-giving athlete

Pakistan Cricket team’s all rounder Boom Lala Shahid Khan Afridi became 20th most charitable athlete in the world.

Shahid Afridi

  • Zahid Hussain wins award for international presentation

Zahid Hussain wins Bring It On Presentation Contest in Korea as champion of Arirang TV Koreas global Competition.

Arirang TV Koreas global Competition Zahid Hussain

  • Dolce & Gabanas uses Pakistani truck art in its campaign

The international make-up brand Dolce & Gabanas used Pakistani truck art in its new make-up campaign.

Dolce & Gabanas uses Pakistani truck art in its campaign

  • LUMS faculty wins U.S patent on Advanced Radar Technology

LUMS faculty won U.S patent on Advanced Radar Technology. The credit mainly goes to Dr. Ijaz Haider Naqvi and his PhD student Faran Awais Butt and both as a team too.

LUMS Faculty

  • 16-year-old Sumail wins millions of dollar Seattle

16-year-old Sumail won millions of dollars in Dota2 Championship in Seattle. This little star therefore raised the name of his country too.

16 year old Smail

  • Muniba Mazari named as Pakistan’s first Goodwill Ambassador

UN Women named Muniba Mazari as Pakistan’s first National Goodwill Ambassador. This woman has enlightened Pakistan’s name became an impressive speaker to motivate people to live their lives.


  • Pakistan performs remarkably in Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2015

The Pakistani team exhibited remarkable technological performance at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2015 and received 3 Gold and 1 Silver at the award in Colombo.

Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2015

  • Pakistan Day Parade after 7-years on Independence day 2015

Pakistan witnessed huge Day Parade after 7-years on the 69th Independence day of Pakistan. Due to terrorism and other such factors, the show was discontinued and in 2015, a wonderful show was exhibited which was praised all over the world.


  • Pakistani genius develops app to feed homeless

Pakistan born genius Komal Ahmad developed a smart phone application to feed almost 6,00,000 homeless people. It really is an amazing effort by anyone to at least help and contribute in any way.


  • COMSATS student Wins International Green Talent Award 2015

Dr. Naim Rashid of COMSATS Wins International Green Talent Award 2015 and so it is another medal with the name of Pakistan.

Comsat student

  • Laraib Atta becomes first youngest female visual effects artist

Laraib Atta became the first youngest female visual effects artist of Pakistan in 2015.

Laraib Atta Pakistani youngest visual artist

  • Two brothers in Peshawar makes Ultralight helicopter

Two brothers belonging to Peshawar made Ultralight helicopter. They are truly the Pakistani pride using their knowledge for constructive basis.

ultralight helicopter

  • Google exhibits the Lahore Museum treasures online

Google made the treasures of Lahore Museum online for people to have a look at them. British Museum is also available on internet now with the help of Google.

lahore museum online

  • Wiki Love Earth Contest won by Pakistan’s natural view

The contest that was introduced by Wikipedia to  capture and share the beautiful scenarios, was won by a Pakistani who captured Lower Kachura Lake.

wiki love earth contest

  • Ahmed Amin becomes inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of fame

Taekwondo Black Belt Ahmad Amin Bodla became the first Pakistani who was officially inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of fame and it is expected that he will put more records in his kitty for the country.

Ahmed AMin Bodla

  • Beyond the Heights launched for Momentous Achievement of Samina Baig

A documentary “Beyond the Heights” was launched for the achievements of Samina Baig. She is the first Pakistani woman and third Pakistani to climb Mount Everest and she is also the youngest Muslim woman to climb Everest.

beyond the heights

  • Pakistan becomes first Asian Associate Member State of CERN

Pakistan became the first Asian Associate Member State of The European Organization for Nuclear Research knows as CERN.


  • Imran Baig becomes Mr Dubai 2015

Pakistani model, Imran Baig became Mr Dubai 2015.

Imran Baig Mr Dubai

  • ICCI honors Pakistan’s Special Olympics squad for winning 35 medals

ICCI honored Pakistan’s Special Olympics squad for winning 35 medals.