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The person whose voice of Azaan remains in our childhood memories

Do you remember the heart-trenching Azaan you had been listening to throughout your childhood? The person whose voice was that has been spotted in a video being posted here to give you some flashbacks.

All praises to Allah Almighty.

Whenever you will watch this video, you will remember the golden days of your childhood when you used to listen to this man’s voice in form of Azaan five times a day.

The Azaan used to broadcast on Pakistan Television (PTV), Shalima Television Network (STN )and even on RADIO.

Since now a days the trends have changed, mushroom growth of TV channels has brought in new and modern terms to this methodology of calling Muslims for prayer towards mosques.

It saddens that today no channel takes care of broadcasting Azaan five times a day, why is that so ? Has the meaning of being Muslim changed or has the hearts of the people responsible for this become feeling-less?

There is no second opinion in it that the sound of Azaan keeps in the atmosphere 24/7 in the world because of difference of time between continents and countries and this is never going to end till the day of judgement as Allah wills.

Requests to PEMRA on social media have gone viral many times to issue directions to all TV channels for broadcasting Azaan five times a day being an Islamic State. It is hoped that we might be able to listen to Azaan yet once again.