The new H&M scarf annoys people

The H&M’s new scarfs made many people very angry annoyed and furious over its resemblance to the praying shawl of Jews.

The international clothing name is again in hot water after introducing a white scarf having woven stripes which totally resembles the ‘tallit’ prayer shawl that Jewish people wear during prayer.


We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with this piece. Everyone is welcome at H&M and we never take a religious or political stand. Stripes are one of the trends for this season and something we were inspired by. Our intention was never to upset anyone.

“The quantities were small and the products are no longer available in some markets,” the company replied when H&M was asked about if they would remove the stock.

Earlier in year 2014, H&M introduced a sleeveless shirt for men featuring the sign of Jews and encasing a laughing skull in that. However, later after facing outrage, had to pull the stock with a jerk.  Moreover, pro-Palestinian groups called to globally boycott H&M in order to protest against it over doing business in Israel.

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB  is a Swedish multinational clothing company which is known for its fast-fashion in clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M does business in 61 countries with more than 3,700 stores and by 2015, it employed over 132,000 people.

The first store was opened in Sweden in year 1947.

Even earlier, H&M had to face allegations regarding the violation of child labor. According to a German TV program “Your Cheap Fashion – Our Misery”, it was reportedly mentioned that H&M has links of taking advantage of child labor and labor in Uzbekistan and Bangladesh.

According to the report, a young 12-year-old children used to work for 14 hours a day in factories for very low wages in order to supply H&M that offers its products with slogans like “fashion and quality at the best prices”. H&M also came under criticism for the way they treat their workers in Cambodia, where dozens of employees at a factory run by the supplier of H&M suspiciously got unconscious.

Moreover, H&M also declared that they would no longer be using ‘sandblast’ in order to fade their jeans products however, it was revealed that despite of the ban announced by a big brand, manual as well as mechanical sandblasting was still being used by the company. Sandblasting causes fatal lung diseases including silicosis and so was declared unsafe.