The New Era and the Economic Sustainability of Future through Social Media

The new means to earn money

Social media has set a strong ground for the new generation to figure out their interests. Social media has to lead us towards an easy way where we can do a lot by just sitting inside homes. People can earn money and get a lot of fame just by using different web portals. Such Web portals include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and much more.

One can think of different ideas and ways to transfigure the old working processes. Youtube has changed a lot, one can see a professional photography and videography on channels where different you-tubers thrive to make extraordinary videos. The earning of money is dependent on the number of views on a video. The views reach up to millions and thousands and this is when a person realizes that he is famous among the vast majority. Many You tubers have reached the status of celebrities such as Super Women, The Ace Family and many more. People love them immensely and they make money through that.


The most interesting fact is that Pakistanis are also taking huge advantage of this facility. There are so many Pakistani You tubers out there who have five to six million followers. Beside Youtube, people are using the platform of Instagram as well, many have there online stores and they sell bags, home items and other accessories. Now Facebook offers you to start your online business as well.

The online business is very easy to start and it helps you to earn profits. The W Glynn Mangold in his literary article has mentioned that;

“ The emergence of internet-based social media has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of other people over products or companies.”

Many online stores have huge transactions every single day, such as Ali express is a Chinese owned online store and it caters worldwide. Amazon is also one such brand. is a Pakistani owned online store and it has huge sales and profits. The one big advantage is that you need to spend your money only on buying the web address, otherwise the expenses are very low and you can manage it at home easily.

There are many Instagram bloggers, who are worth following and they have a huge fan following. There are extravagant pictures and effects that blow your mind and make you start your own page. Umer Khan is an NCA student who loves photography and he runs his Instagram page i.e “ UKHANO” this guy has become famous in just a few months by inserting some good shots and camera edits. He has some absurd personality traits as well, which people may enjoy.

Youtube is being used by many young girls and women in Pakistan. The earning of money is dependent on the number of advertisements you get on your video and this automatically means that the number of views on your video should be more.

The other portals include Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter has become more of a political platform and many celebrities use it. They get to share their opinions and views but Twitter is not the best mean for E-business. The advancements in phones and technology have transformed our thinking and make us use them to our advantage. Money is the need of today. People need jobs and they need to up-bring their families. Thus online portals are the most suitable and convenient. In today’s world of competition, one finds it easy to explore different ways to make money and E-business is one such example. There is more research going on in the field of E-marketing and people are curious to know more. The following video shows the techniques to earn money online:

Future is quite sustainable through social media but if you try to bring new and exceptional ideas in front of public and do-not bore through your same boring techniques. Moreover, the competition still exists in the virtual world as well and you need to upgrade your skills. Once you achieve a good range of followers than you can manage other things. If you don’t upload for a few days, its fine but consistency and authenticity is needed.