The ‘Muslim Neighbourhoods’ Cruz Wants To ‘Patrol and Secure’

“We need to halt immediately the flow of refugees from the countries with a significant ISIS or al Qaida presence,” commented Ted Cruz on Tuesday in wake of the deadly terror attacks in Brussels.

“We need to empower the law enforcement to patrol & secure Muslim neighbourhoods before they become radicalised. We need to secure southern border to prevent the terrorist infiltration & we need to execute a coherent campaign to destroy ISIS.”

His comments come among a surge in the anti-Muslim crimes & rhetoric in United States Cruz’s main opponent Trump, said that “Islam hates us“ & also proposed banning all Muslims from entering US.

“Let’s be clear: targeting the Americans based solely on their faith isn’t only bigoted & wrong, it undermines our safety by wasting our precious law enforcement resources,” said a California-based legal advocacy group while responding to Ted Cruz’s proposal. “Now more than ever, we need the law enforcement focused on following legitimate leads & credible intelligence, not engaged in blanket, unconstitutional surveillance.”

On Wednesday, on NBC’s “Today” show the host Savannah Guthrie pressed Ted Cruz on his proposal.

How’d you define a Muslim neighbourhood?” asked Savannah Guthrie. “Is there a certain percentage of Muslims that have to live there? And do you’ve to have any particular suspicion that they are being radicalized, or is it just the mere fact that they are Muslims, in your mind, means police officers should be securing and patrolling those areas?”

“The entire Obama administration refuses to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists,’’ responded Ted Cruz. “And 1 of the reasons that America remains so vulnerable is that this administration is mired in political correctness, it will not acknowledge this threat.”

“So when it comes to the law enforcement,” continued Cruz, “proactive law enforcement in New York City, under Mayor Bloomberg, there was a proactive policing program, to work cooperatively with Muslim community to prevent radicalization, to target & find out who may be affiliated with radical Islamic terrorism, who may be becoming radicalized and to stop terror plots before they occur. Mayor de Blasio, in an example of the political correctness very befitting of Obama &Hillary Clinton, cancelled the program, said we are not going to target the bad guys because they will not acknowledge —“

However, Guthrie pointed out that the decade-long, constitutionally dubious blanket surveillance of the Muslims in New York & New Jersey by the New York Police Department had led to exactly zero counter-terrorism leads.