The most horrible place in the world – Island of Dolls

Horror movies and stories are always a source of attraction and additionally, dolls and toy clowns have always been an influential characters of horror movies.

However, in reality, there is an island in Mexico named “Island of dolls” as there are countless number of dolls hanging from the trees.

Just on the South of Mexico, in the middle of Xochimico canals, the island is situated where there is seen dolls hanging from trees. There is actually a story behind all these dolls.


It is said a young girl was drowned in that island and her screams could be heard every night after her death. The screams were so loud that is could be heard in far away regions. Don Julian was the caretaker of that island for many years and he hanged all those dolls there. It is also said that Don Julian found the drowned girl but could not save her. After a short time, Julian saw a doll floating nearby. He thought that the doll belonged to the drowned girl, he picked that up and hanged with the tree.

Don Julian
Don Julian

However, soon he came to know that the doll was possessed by the spirit of that drowned girl and he began to hang more dolls. He soon came to know that all the dolls are possessed by the spirit but he continued to hang dolls. Hanging dolls became and obsession for him and he even traded his things to get more dolls.

Some say that the Don Julian was derived by some mysterious forces and even madness. He also told to his friends and family that he heard voices of that girl calling him from the place she was drowned. Those voices asked him to come into the water however, he never wanted to go.

People did not believe Julian’s statement untill once, when he was found in water at the same place, the girl was found.

The dolls are scattered, broken, dirty and horrifying. People say that the dolls have been seen moving their eyes, heads and even opening and closing their eyes. Some people also claimed that those dolls whisper to each other. Some passerby claimed that the dolls attract people towards the place.