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The Mistaken Religion

Its 21st century when people still need awareness and education about their religion. Cultural norms have become so strong that many of us get confused about the reality of our religion and what actually we believe in.

Many people among us pick-up things from religion, out of context, that are easy for us or let us just say that we think are “beneficial” for us.

Our mindsets have become so rigid that we do not have the ability to adapt to the change which is occurring around us in this ever-expanding universe. Islam despite being the most popular and the fastest-growing religion is exposed to misinterpretation by the pseudo-intellectuals and scholars.

Many concepts in Islam have been changed according to certain circumstances and invite for the consensus by the Ullemas—ullemas who need to be more focused and knowledgeable.

In recent days, feminism is increasing. There are many Mulas who believe that woman should stay at home and not earn for themselves. When they forget the example of Hazrat Khadija who was a successful business woman.

Even know when the female member of the family wants to earn for herself she faces immense pressure either from in-laws or even sometimes from parents. Stepping out of home for basic chores or even for business purposes is considered to be Haram or disliked by the people and society as whole.

How many of women considered men as their protectors or maintainers considering the fact that in Islam the men of the family are supposed to maintain woman. How many of the women don’t fear divorce for financial backups not only for themselves but their children. How many men fail to be the providers? In such circumstances, standing for your right is considered to be wrong? A woman who goes out to earn bread is considered to be characterless. There are so many women who are afraid to go out and work where they are not respected.

It’s high time that woman empowerment laws should be revised in countries like Pakistan and worldwide. A male-dominated society where house chores are only considered to be the responsibility of a woman. Why do men forget the example of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) who used to help his wives in daily household chores. Why does men’s ego get hurt? Why…

It is the right time to let go off the misinterpretations of our own religion which is beautiful and enlightening. We and our cultural norms are so messed up that we need to change them right away or else our future generations will suffer the way we are suffering. We don’t want that for our children. Do we?