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The idea of a happy Pakistan according to a 9th grader

Mohammad Ammad, a 9th grader, is all set to change the world. He believes that Pakistan can achieve the heights of happiness and serenity by following simple rules.

Ammad stated quotations of famous people and how we should take them into account in order to attain the required happiness in our lives and foremost, Pakistan.

He writes;

Though the castles of our dreams are washed away time and again, now we shall build them higher than ever before

Pakistan was one day a land full of laughter and ovation but there was a relentless submerges that washed away all the smiles of our nation. Our leaders struggled for independence and a separate homeland, but are we really getting liberty, freedom or happiness within the borders of our country?

As Lao Tzu once said,

                     “A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step”

We all must take a single step to bring contentment back in Pakistan so this thousand miles journey could be covered gradually. Do we know why Roman civilizations collapse. Do we know the reason for decline of Indus valley civilization? The decline of Mughal empire?? The foremost cause was that they did not work out their problems.

Likewise in Pakistan at present we are facing a freight of tribulations such as in fluent use of natural resources  including deforestation and over exploitation of resources, over population and low illiteracy rates thus less awareness, gas and electricity theft, poor governance and policies etc.

But do we have a solution to all these. “Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes through our actions”. So this is the right time to take effectual measures at individual organizational and governance level. This nation can collectively workout their issues and bring a change. There should be sustainable use of resources, employing three golden principles REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE, awareness and fair distribution of resources. We can do a lot but we are not eager to. Our country should be cosseted from terrorist’s gangs. Our attitude matters a lot so it is vital to keep it positive.

                “No matter how heavy the burden you bear a helping hand is always there”

The nation should have unity and passion for sensation and why can’t we make the sayings of our beloved founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah true . No matter how small the flame of hope is, it must always be protected. We all should encompass hopes for a brighter and better future of this country.

Zion Lee once said:

“Everyone likes happiness no one likes pain, still we can make a rainbow without a little rain.”

I utterly concur with the poet. Happiness can be bought back in Pakistan with true spirits and only if there are smiles on the faces of our children.