The Greatest Fear Of An Ordinary Teenager

What goes on in their heads; a guide.

According to recent research and estimates made by the WHO (World Health Organization) , more than 300 million people all over the world are suffering from depression, as per another study, 20% of the complete population of teenagers present today face depression.


These are very alarming figures, as almost 1 in every 5 teenager faces clinical depression, this can lead to serious consequences in the future for the adolescent as they would not be able to focus on anything wholeheartedly, they would be unhappy with their lives and would eventually turn to the final resort and by committing the ‘final deed’ called suicide, they end their lives once and for all.

Studies have shown that the rate of suicide between people belonging to the age group of 15-24 has dangerously tripled since the 1960 and now 5,000 people of this age group commit suicide, making it the second leading cause for deaths amongst teenagers.

This is generally a very tricky stage for the individual and is a crucial point for them, during this time, the stress of education mixed with the unnatural society images and perhaps family expectations, everything really gets to them and they tend to make irrational and emotional decisions. At that point they feel like nobody understands them and they tend to believe that it is them against the universe.
You will normally find a teenager whining ‘why me?’ or you would hear the infamous rant about ‘how only every unfair thing happens to them.’ Teenagers are very stressed out at this stage because they realize how things could go both ways from over here; positive or negative. Hence they tend to get irritated at little issues, over-think and excessively contemplate on the slightest inconvenience and would just generally be ‘lost’, trying to stumble their way across the obstacles of life.   Image result for the best way out is through quote
Now above all of these existent problems, this is also the stage where the individual majorly goes through the metamorphosis of their life, the age group of 15-24 have the pressure to try to mold themselves into a different and better version of themselves, whilst conforming to all the norms society has somewhat already pre-decided for them- this can be a huge challenge.
After interviewing certain teenagers, we received a general answer of how they lost direction of what and who they wanted to be. Many students answered that before the age of 14 (which is when they begin their O levels or high school) they were clearer about their goals and aspirations in life as compared to where they stand today.
So, during these testing times, it is easy to lose focus, to be lost in the great blue ocean of life, and in this journey many people do get sidetracked in the daunting and unexpected waves of life but, then you should remember that you are not alone.
Dear teenagers, sure you are afraid of change, because you are uncertain of what that change will be, you are afraid that people, or society in general, would not accept you, but you need to always remember that change is an inevitable part of life and all the hundreds of generations before you, have travelled the same daunting ocean in the same rickety boats- and they all GOT THROUGH.
So, just like them you will too, if you continue rowing towards the calm water ahead. You are not alone in this fight, every teenager next to you is facing the exact same struggles, the only difference is that you are all the captains of your own individual boats. Therefore, before ending your lives, or pursuing extreme measures, know that you have the choice of being a survivor rather than a victim, the only dilemma is what you choose to be.

Robert Frost said: “The best way out is always through.”