The Devil’s Workshop!

As we get closer to 18th August and Imran’s election and nomination a dark cloud has begun to form over the Margallas.

No, it’s not that stupid idiotic act by a spoilt brat, on the roads of Karachi, but the loud voices from the portals of justice in Islamabad.

While it may be premature and subjudice to comment on the Avenfield review petition being heard by the Islamabad High Court, the signals and messaging are very disturbing.

If one understands the direction it’s headed into, Nawaz Sharif and his daughter may well be granted bail and off to the UK before or just when Imran takes the oath.

I’m not a lawyer and cannot comment on the minutiae of the law. Even if I was, I shouldn’t because of what the Lordships may do. But to my untutored mind, it appears that in this God Forsaken land, the Master of all crooks, looters, plunderers, money launderers, national interest compromiser, will once again be given a free pass out of jail to live and continue to attempt to further destroy and weaken this land!

The post Ides of August do not bode well for Pakistan if this were to come to fruition!

The wheels of justice move strangely and suspiciously!