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The ‘Chottus’ and the ‘Barrus’

Chottu is an innovative individual. He functions out of his Corporate Headquarters in Kacha Jamal area of Rajan Pur forest.

He was a minor robber in 1987. He is now the Chief Executive of a secluded militia which can naturally take on the whole police force of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In a current meeting that has heretofore continued about 2 weeks, he has killed 7 and taken 25 policemen.

The police in Pakistan, expert only to protect the presiding choice is not used to belligerent offenders. It must subsequently now look up to either Army or Allah for help.

We have buried our heads in the sand, never admitting the existence of hundreds of ‘Chottus’ and ‘Barrus’. Both plunder the poor of Pakistan. The ‘Chottus’ seek refuge in domestic sanctuaries while the ‘Barrus’ invest in off-shore companies. They operate their private militias and control their autonomous territories. They have been allowed to grow into such formidable militant entities despite Article 256 of the Constitution, which categorically states that ‘no private organisation capable of functioning as a military organisation shall be formed and any such organisation shall be illegal

It is not prudent to initially let a problem to grow into the size of an enormous and then be required to assume huge voyages, ‘Zarb-e-Aahan’ being the newest of the series.

What halts the government to lift-off a ‘Zarb-e-Aman’ that must start by a hands-on request for submission of all weapons and elimination of all private militias?

Must we remain boundlessly involved in conservative conflicts and become unpaid hostages to the ‘Chottus’ and the ‘Barrus’ of our own creation.