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The American band ‘Walk The Moon’ gives tribute to Islamabad street kids!

A tale about the strength of Islamabad’s street kids found a soaring soundtrack in American rock band Walk The Moon’s ‘We Are The Kids’ – a culture crossing association made amid a stroke of motivation on a New York subway.

Whenever movie producer and ‘Walk The Moon’ fan Shanana Khan Khalil first heard the tune on the train, she was helped to remember some spunky youthful youngsters she knew back home in Islamabad.

“Experiencing childhood in Islamabad, I invested a ton of energy with children in the city. I’ve generally been captivated by them because of their sheer strength. They’re tricksters yet they are youngsters. So I generally wound up associating with them. I become a close acquaintence with a pack of them and still stay in contact. I’d for a long while been itching to recount their story fit as a fiddle yet was attending to what felt like the right story,” Shahana started about the sources of the music video.

“Such a variety of years after the fact I was on the train in New York City when I heard the melody. I immediately felt like the verses reverberated with the children back home and felt I might be onto something,” she proceeds.


Fortunately, Walk The Moon let her keep running with the thought.

“Walk The Moon is such an awesome band of immaculate fun, opportunity and inventiveness. I’ve been tailing them for a long time now and I happen to know Nick who is the front man for the band,” Shahana offers.

“When they released their last album Talking is Hard, I took to it instantly and while there are many great songs on the album, I really connected with ‘We Are The Kids’ and saw it through the lens of my own experience with kids in Pakistan. Hence the spark to connect two very different worlds through a universal theme of music. I spoke to Nick about the direction I wanted to take and he loved the idea and they gave their blessing to proceed.”

The ‘We Are The Kids’ video tells the story of five children who confront their exploiter. At the point when the hero purchases a bike with cash he avoids his manager in the city, one of his companions turns on him and rats him out. The hero is bolted up and has his bicycle taken away – until his companion has a change of heart and plots his getaway plan and retribution.

“‘We Are The Kids’ discussions about children who can’t be vanquished and who are their own particular individuals. Keeping in mind I likewise know the brutal substances in which numerous [street] kids grow up, I needed the treatment of the video to be genuine meets dream – consequently the vigilante topic and the hues,” Shahana expounds on the video’s idea.

“The exact opposite thing I needed was a run of the mill underdeveloped nation cry story – thus while the topic might be dull, I needed the superseding subject to be one of trust and concentrating on the way that the future truly is in the hands of our children.”

Shahana discovered performers for her video among the students of the charity school Mashal Model School in Bari Imam.

“[The owner] Zeba Hussain and her staff were exceptionally kind in permitting me to come and tryout a couple of the children. I chose them and disclosed the story to them. They all associated with it and I knew I had the young men I was searching for.”

Shahana shot with the young men in November 2015 in Islamabad. After the video was discharged in late May, she composed a screening for her on-screen characters at their school, and they were more than joyous to see their execution.

“The Mashal Model School is a magnificent establishment and I can’t express gratitude toward them enough for the help they gave to me. Without them I wouldn’t have possessed the capacity to sparkle a light on this. They’re subject to gifts to run and I beg all that are able to look at them. These children are splendid and merit our time.”

Furthermore, what does the band Walk The Moon make of the video?

“They cherish [the video], which is the reason they’re presently advancing it all over the place they can. I believe it’s incredible that they’ve highlighted on their online networking posts that this video left Islamabad, Pakistan which is an extraordinary approach to feel spoke to. Thankfully, the reaction to the video both locally and internationally has been awesome, as most have tuned into the general tone and story. So I’m entirely appreciative. I now need to about-face to Pakistan and simply meet the young men as they have effectively stolen my heart.”

Check out the video of this tribute below: