The 7 News Reporter Died Due to the Negligence of Local Hospital

Laxity of Punjab government

Mr.Muhammad Javed died due to the negligence of the doctors. The one who attended was a nurse but claimed to be a doctor, and didn’t have the MBBS degree. When the so-called doctor finally arrived at Bhera Government Hospital, he made the statement that he was not on duty. The person who urgently needed help was left all alone in the hour of need. Not even other staff members cared about the patient.

Even if they had come for help, they wouldn’t have known how to cure a patient. They didn’t have enough knowledge. PML-N cries about why they are involved in the corruption cases and what did they do to deserve such punishments. Well, the answer is very easy, Begum Kalsoom Nawaz is in London for her cancer treatments. What about the common people, they don’t have billions to pay for their treatments and if they go to the hospitals for treatment, they make him wait until he DIES! The following video shows the reporter all devastated and angry at the PMLN government.

Watch the video to see the reaction of the reporter.

The death of the fellow left the 7 news reporter in a lot of anger and fury. He was yelling at the camera and wanted to express his emotions. He was sad and grieved to see his fellow person die in his arms. He was doing the survey regarding general elections in Bhera, a majority of people support PMLN, they should learn something from this incident. The life of a human is precious. Two hours before, Muhammad Javed was helping the channel to do the survey and collecting information and suddenly he fainted and was shifting to this local hospital. Which unluckily proved to be his death place.

Elections are around the corner, such incidents must assure people about the performances of parties. If your closest fellow dies, it’s no fun. The pain never goes away. It is better for them to be afraid of the wrath of Allah. They can cheat on people but not on God.