The 15 bestselling mobile phones of all times

After the advancement in technology, mobile phones are getting updated with time and so the choices keep on changing. These days, a huge storm of smartphones is seen.

The cellphone was introduced as a wireless telephone to stay in touch with the beloved ones. However, the time has changed the necessities of life and now days, people want an internet connection and a mobile phone more than they want any other basic necessity.

A human without a cellphone looks like an ‘alien’ to the society. Therefore, to run with the time and fashion, a person also updates his model of cellphones.

Samsung, Blackberry or iPhone mobiles are not in the race of the bestselling mobile phones; in fact, a Nokia mobile is the most sold cellphone of all times.


According to the reports, Nokia 1100 is the most sold cellphone in the world up till now. More than 250 million people bought this mobile phone.


The second most sold cellphone model is Nokia 1110 which was purchased by almost 250 million people in the world. Nokia Classic 3210 remained the 3rd most selling the mobile phone as more than 150 million people purchased that.
Nokia 1200 was also purchased by almost 150 million people.

In the same way, Nokia 5230 was also bought by 150 million people and so stands at 5th rank. Due to its unique shape and style, Nokia 6600 stands at the 6th number with approximately 150 million people as its users. Nokia 6600 stood on 7th rank with almost 136 million people purchased it.

Nokia 1600 was also purchased by 130 million people. Motorolla’s Razer V3 was purchased by almost 130 million people and so stands at 10th position. Nokia 3310 was the 11th most sold mobile phone model of all times and more than 126 million people purchased that. Nokia 1208 was introduced in the year 2007, and over 100 million mobile sets were sold.

Iphone’s Apple 6 or Apple 6 plus stands on 13th rank with over 100 million models sold. Samsung Galaxy S4 stands at 14th rank with 80 million sets sold. Above 75 million mobile phones of Nokia 6010 were sold and it is on the 15th rank so.

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