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Texas 2-Step on the Immigration

This Monday, all the eyes were on Supreme Court as it heard the oral argument in US v. Texas that has been dubbed as the “biggest immigration case of century.”

At issue was that whether the immigrant parents of the citizens of United States & the lawful permanent residents or other qualified immigrants with the long-term ties to country will be able to apply for the work authorization & protection against deportation under 2 initiatives that are announced by President Barrack Obama in 2014.

These initiatives that are known as DAPA & the expansion of DACA are extensively reinforced by the major swaths of public. And a analogous initiative from year 2012 that Texas isn’t challenging, has been a stunning achievement.

Or at least that is what case was supposed to be about. However Texas conceded that president has legal authority to choose whom to deport & who’d have their deportation deferred. As a replacement for, Texas took the issue with fact that the individuals who apply for & obtain the deferred action can separately apply for the work authorization.

In their brief to Supreme Court, they went so far as to state that the govt. could issue the “‘low priority’ identification cards” to those who’d be eligible for DAPA or expansion of DACA. According to them the real issue is the granting of work authorization, which they claim will lead to the applications for the driver’s licenses.

According to Texas solicitor general, the fact that they think that they’ll lose the money while issuing these driver’s licenses is their reason for bringing case to Court.

Texas is engaging in the legal obfuscation  that they hope others would not notice. First, having the work authorization would not make those with DACA or DAPA eligible for the licenses. It is having received deferred the action that permits the immigrants to apply for & become tested, licensed & the insured drivers.

2nd, the granting of the work authorization has been a portion of  immigration regulatory system for decades. In proclaiming DAPA & the development of DACA, Obama administration simply followed regulations that have been in the place since 1981 by reiterating that the individuals with deferred action are eligible for the work authorization.