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Terrorists were taking instructions from Afghanistan, claims IGFC


Quetta: Inspector General of Frontier Corps (IGFC) Major General Sher Afgun said that the terrorists belonged to outlawed Lashkare Jhangvi group and they were taking instructions from Afghanistan.

He said this as he was talking to media persons along with Home Minister of Balochistan Sarfraz Bugti.

IGFC claimed that they found evidences during intelligence operation that the terrorists were taking guidelines from Afghanistan.

He claimed that they got the information regarding Quetta attack on 11:30pm and they started quick operation. Within four hours, they have completed the operation and cleared the area.

Home Minister of Balochistan Sarfraz Bugti was also with him on this occasion who said that the number of martyrs in the terrorist attack on Police Training Centre may mount to 30.

Sarfraz Bugti said that there were around 700 police cadets inside the hostel when terrorists attacked them.

He added that first of all the terrorists shot the watch tower man who died while fighting them in a brave manner.

Home minister informed that later the terrorists gunned down the guard of the hostel in order to get the way to hostel and then they entered hostel and started firing at the police recruits.

Home Minister of Balochistan mentioned that terrorists included two suicide bombers while security forces put one terrorist to death.

He added that Pak Army’s captain and JCO are also included in the injured people who have been shifted to hospital and been given the first aid.