Ten Natural Face Masks Made From Only Two Ingredients ⁠

It’s time to stop wasting your precious time and money at expensive spas. The secret ingredients to great flawless skin are sitting in your kitchens! 

Pamper yourself with these 10 (2-Ingredients) simple, trusted homemade facial masks.

1. For A Glowing Complexion:

Add two tablespoons of Lemon Juice to two tablespoons of Yoghurt and apply the mixture on the face using a brush or the back of a spoon.

2. Anti-Acne Mask:

Mix together one tablespoon of Honey and one teaspoon of Cinnamon. Apply it on entire face, covering the acne spots with two or more layers. Let it sit for a while. Wash the face when the mixture starts feeling dry.

3. Oily-Skin Stopper:

Combine together two tablespoons of Aloe Vera to one teaspoon of Turmeric (Haldi). Apply it on the face and see the magic yourself!

4. To Clean Skin Overnight: 

Mix together two tablespoons of Milk and one tablespoon of Tomato Juice. Put it on the skin for more than 3 hours. Wash the face with cold water.

5. Rejuvenation (Anti-aging) Treatment: 

Add two teaspoons of Coffee to one teaspoon of Honey. Spread the mixture evenly on the face for best results.

6. For Refined Pores and Flawless Skin: 

Mix together two teaspoons of Lemon Juice with one teaspoon of Egg White. Apply on the face using a makeup brush.

7. For Exfoliated And Moisturized Skin: 

Combine together the juice from one Lemon with 1/4 cup Olive Oil. Apply evenly on the face.

8. For A Healthy Skin: 

Add 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil and 1/2 tablespoon of Turmeric in a bowl. Mix well before use.

9. Blackhead Remover:

Mix together two teaspoons of Honey with one teaspoon of Lemon Juice. Apply a thick layer of the mixture on areas rich in blackheads. For best results, apply on entire face.

10. For Removing Dead Skin Cells (skin brightener): 

Add one tablespoon of Gram Flour (Besan) to three teaspoons of Milk in a bowl. Mix well to form a paste. Let it dry on the skin and remove by washing with cold water.

What do you think about these face masks? Which one worked best for you? Do let us know in the comments!