Tehmina Durrani comes out open against Nawaz’s rally

Tehmina Durrani, women’s rights activist and wife of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, shared her sentiments regarding Nawaz Sharif’s rally to Lahore through GT Road.

She lashed out at the government by saying that the CM should not have been the one to both assist and protect the rally. She called it a “callous” move.

She said if she had been there, she would have advised Nawaz Sharif to address the nation rather than involving his brother in such a distressful position. Apparently, from her Twitter remarks, it is evident that the Punjab chief minister’s wife is not in support of the rally because it can prove fatal for the PML-N in future.

Tehmina said there is no contention in the Sharif family. She went on to say that it is a ruthless and uncaring demand from the chief minister to save ‘the day’. My past proves that I speak ‘freedom’, she added. She also said that there is no rift in the Sharif family.