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Teaser I of Song for SKMHT patients released by Baaghi TV. Donate!

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Trust has become the lifeline of cancer patients in Pakistan. This goes especially for those who can not afford treatment of this life-threatening disease.

The idea behind this effort is to bring to attention the need for help which can be given by us all. Help for those lying in SKHMT wards undergoing treatment. Help for those who are still on the waiting lists, praying for someone like you or me to donate to the institution they see their (or the beloved’s) life depending on.

Let us all tell them we are with them. Let us tell Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Trust that we will do all that we can to advance their selfless, tireless and honourable work. It is the institution which is trusted. It is the institution which has earned this trust.

This song, the full version of which will be releasing soon, is sung by Mubasher Lucman (anchor and analyst) and Zara (singer). Many people have made their contributions in making this song happen. This includes the entire team of ML Productions and Baaghi TV, along with officials of SKMHT. So please join hands with Baaghi TV and watch, share and donate, donate, donate!