Taylor Swift’s social media is just a ‘blank space’ now

Taylor Swift disappears mysteriously  from all of her social media accounts and her fans can’t figure out what exactly is happening. Some believe that she’s all set for a new album.

On the third anniversary of  her  song ‘Shake it off’,  the ‘Blank Space’ singer turned all of her social sites completely blank. She removed her avatar from facebook, twitter and youtube. Her website went down and all of her posts on instagram and tumblr were removed. Everyone from her twitter and instagram accounts was unfollowed and people are pretty perplexed at the moment.

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Noticing this swift change in the social accounts, her fans are completely freaking out and are assuming that her accounts might have gotten hacked as many celebrities fall prey to such mischief. These days, celebrities are usually played like this on social media but all accounts blacking out at once? Well, something’s pretty fishy in there.

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A few people presented completely different side of a picture. They assumed that Taylor might want to quit forever and this might be her final good bye.  They’re throwing light on her will to retire from music industry and spend the rest of her life as a normal person. Taylor herself stated back in 2016 that she hasn’t planned anything for the future.

On contrary, swifties expressed their feelings a way differently hoping that it might be a start of new era. Many are celebrating and excited for a big surprise party to be thrown from her side.  May be this is just a public stunt to get back in style in the limelight. Her fans are also predicting that this might be a clue for Swift’s upcoming album. #TS6iscoming became a worldwide trend on twitter as her accounts went blank.

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Right now, no progresses are seen on any of her accounts and there is total silence. This silence might call up for some storms. We all just need to wear our seat-belts and get ready for the ride!