Taj Mahal Gate Attacks by Indian Hindus

By Atiya Riffat

Aggressor Hindutva bunches have supposedly vandalized the passage of the acclaimed Taj Mahal monument. The distressed individuals from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad claimed that entryway door being introduced at the western entrance of the Taj Mahal “blocked the path to a 400-year-old temple”, revealed Hindustan Times.

It said that video indicated sensational visuals with the conservative Hindutva bunches holding hammers and iron bars while severely endeavoring to vandalize the gate of the memorable monument.The conservative activists were also raising slogans against them.

Then, after the ASI stopped a protest, a FIR was enrolled around the same time against five individuals from the VHP and the 20-25 of their unidentified partners for revolting, strike or criminal power to dissuade public servant from release of his obligation and under the section 7 of Criminal Law Amendment Act and a segment of Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act.

The FIR was later enrolled against VHP individuals Ravi Dubey, Madan Verma, Mohit Sharma, Niranjan Singh Rathore and Gulla and 20-25 other unidentified VHP individuals. No arrests have been made up until this point.

Conversing with the Indian Express, VHP Brij Prant Vishesh Sampark Pramukh Ravi Dubey said they made this stride as the ASI is removing everything associated with the Hindu culture in and around the Unesco World Heritage monument.

“The gate being introduced is blocking way to Siddheshwar Mahadev temple at Basai Ghat close by the western mass of Taj Mahal. The temple is 400 years of age and has been in presence before Taj Mahal. So there is no rationale in blocking entry to the temple. In any case, ASI authorities did not regard to our appeal,” Ravi Dubey, a VHP functionary, said.

He additionally included that while the ASI was asserting there’s another route to the temple, there’s just a limited way on which individuals couldn’t walk appropriately. On their future strategy, Dubey said the district organization was in converses with the ASI and they’re trusting that the issue would soon be dealt with.