No Deals and Syrian Forces will Put an End to Rebels: Assad

A cease fire deal between Daesh Militants and Syrian forces was held for 24 hours, and according to Monitor, the rebellions were given chance to evacuate.

The official news agency and officials from government deny any deal for allowing the rebellions to evacuate from Yermouk and adjacent locations and further stated that force are trying to destroy the strongholds of militants in these locations.

The reports says that it is in plan to storm on the areas held by ISIS near Al Hajar al aswad near Yermouk and will be decisive for the restoration of control on above-mentioned areas.

In Western Syria, the recovery of enclave in the south of Damascus will mark another milestone in Assad’s war efforts by crushing the last besieged rebel enclave. The area is centered around the Al-Hajjar Al- Aswad district and adjacent Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk.
Reporters told that Syrian army operations in Hajar Al Aswad were nearing to their end and rebellion’s lines were collapsing, and the Britain-based Human Rights watch said that buses entered in the enclave in midnight and evacuated the fighters and their families towards the Syrian Badia: a populated territory in the east of capital bordered with Jordan and Iraq, reports said that ISIS militants had burnt their offices in enclave.

Negotiated withdrawals remain a common features in Syrian war as the government is aided by Russian military and Iran-baked forces has clawed back the territory. The rebels have been blessed by the safe passages by the army. The opposition is on the point of view that it is policy by Assad , for forced displacement to demographic change to drive out Assad’s opponents. The government said , nobody is forced to leave and those who stay must follow the state rule.

Assad’s has vowed to win back the every inch of Syria and map shows the more complicated future ahead from now.

The US military is in east and northeast controlled by Kurds who needs autonomy from Syrian regime. It has used forces to defend the territory from pro-Assad forces.

Turkey has sent the forces in northeast to counter the same Kurdish groups, carving out a buffer zone to defend the territory from anti-Assad opposition forces, it has regrouped.

In the Southwest where the fighters holds territory at the Israeli and Jordanian border, Assad faces the risk of conflict with the Israel which Iranians want.

Daesh is virtually pulled out from the territory which it controlled in Syria and Iraq, and Yarmouk began as a refugee camp for Palestinians.