Syria Rifting Apart: From Within and Outside

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Current situation of Syria is like a home in town which is surrounded by many conflicts and disputes from within and outside. All the evil eyes on Syria want this historic land to lose its strength and glory.

The Syrian Civil War has been going on among its President Bashar-al-Assad, along with his allies and all those armed forces which are opposing his government for many years now.

Bashar-al-Assad; the current President of Syria, has been on his throne since 2000 and he took the seat of his father who ruled Syria for 30 years from 1970-2000 prior to Bashar’s reign.

According to a CNN report since March 2017, more than 5 million Syrians have left their country and 6.3 million have been lost internally. They are those people who never wanted to become the victim of this war of power, but they had to because they were doomed.

Syrian people fell into the clutches of civil war and since then a major part of this country has been destroyed.

On 4 October 2011, Russia and China purposed a resolution that to stop the crackdown in Syria, and Nine of the 15- member council countries agreed upon this and most interesting thing is US was one of them.

This resolution was just like one those treaties which Jonathan Swift has described in his book “Gulliver’s Travels “, Because after this no one headed towards the peace but more conflicts came in front, like Syria’s membership was cancelled by Arab League in the same year.

The President of Syria says he will never step down and never let his vision down. He sees future of Syria with a new constitution on the table. Opposition refuses to work with Assad, which he calls terrorists.

Now let’s discuss those impacts, which a common man have of this civil war.

It is not easy for them to find refuge. They are confused because of their cruel past experiences. They lack sense of security which a person finds in his home. They are internally misplaced.

Children of many families have to grow too fast because their families cannot look after them.

In this Civil War where they do not have time to count the dead bodies, according to the latest research of UN, half of the Syrian refugees are under the age of 18, because of the political condition of their country they are out of the school for months, with every passing time situation gets more worse in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta region, just northeast of the capital of Damascus.

When there is life, then there are necessities like proper ventilation, water or sanitary supplies. Those people are deprived of even these facilities of life.

If we talk about past few days information, then more than 550 people are dead and at least 2000 are injured, If we see condition of past 5 years there are 400,000 people trapped in difficulties of Eastern Ghousta.

Manipulative politics of the first-world is destroying civilization, a mother says she has many martyrs in her family and still she is living with those memories which her loved ones have left for her, in her neighborhood there lives a lady who has lost her four of her brothers. Everyone has lost someone in this fight against ISIS and other organizations.

As in the beginning, I symbolized Syria to a home where disputes are not easy to handle. In these disputes neighboring countries are playing different roles. In this drama, US is playing that role who does nothing but everything and only takes advantage of weaker bounds among the residents of the home.

Russia is that country, which came forward to help but just for the sake of showing its own importance that he contains power of weapons.

Turkey seems to be that nation who really concerns peace and wants Unity.

Saudi Arabia has just closed his eyes, and letting that happen what is happening because the House of Saud is primarily concerned with its family business and its relationship with USA-the one who played the lead role in destroying Syria.

In this whole war, no one is supporting anyone but his regime. Yes! We can say Turkey is playing much positive role than others. Turkey not only supported the civilians but also accommodated the refugees.

There is a lot to be done to bring peace and for that first of all everyone has to be united and accept each other respectfully. All children are innocent, and every one of us have to raise voice for them and help them to the best we can for the  sake of humanity.

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A War-Stricken Syrian War Child