Swiss police sends traffic fine to JUI-F leader in Peshawar

PESHAWAR, January 14 (Online): In an unexpected occurrence, a leader of Jamiat-e-Ulema Fazl (JUI-F) received a challan for road traffic violation – but from the Swiss government.
JUI-F leader Arbab Farooq had paid a visit to the Switzerland around five to six months ago where he had committed a violation on the road, though he was unaware of it.
In a video message, Arbab said: “I have received a letter from Swiss authorities in which they have detailed a traffic violation I had committed somewhere on the road. They fined me 105 euros…And I believe this is quite commendable that they follow the traffic rules so rigorously,” he added.
The political leader said we should also abide by traffic rules and develop a system like Switzerland, which is quite praiseworthy.
He said he would submit the amount as required in the letter. He also called upon fellow citizens to follow the rule of the country and give a message worldwide that we were law-abiding people. “This will improve the image of our country,” he added.