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Survey: One factor can save you from heart attack?

NEW YORK: Heart attack is the one of the major factor that suffers in Pakistan and even worldwide country. The causes of heart attack are depression. Main factor of depression is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However, a team of US researchers has discovered that overcoming and treating depression can lower a person’s risk of cardiovascular problems – stroke, heart failure, heart attack or death.

The researchers have learned that lowering the level of depression can slope down a patient’s heart attack and some other risks as those who never had short-term depression.

“Our study shows that prompt, effective treatment of depression appears to improve the risk of poor heart health,” said Heidi May from Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in US.

“With the help of past research, we know depression affects long-term cardiovascular risks, but knowing that alleviating the symptoms of depression reduces a person’s risk of heart disease in the short term, too, can help care providers and patients commit more fully to treating the symptoms of depression,” she added.

“The key conclusion of our study is: If depression isn’t treated, the risk of cardiovascular complications increases significantly,” May stated.

Survey team collected information from almost 7,550 participants, who completed at least two depression questionnaires over the course of two years.

The results conclude that changes in depression symptoms may also cause direct physiological changes in the body, which in turn cause major heart related problems to occur in the short term, but future studies are needed to further answer these questions.