Supreme Court takes Action Against Ex-Senator Faisal Raza Abidi for Derogatory Language

Faisal Raza Abidi under "water" for using "contemptuous" language against Chief Justice Saqib Nisar

Islamabad: The Supreme Court and FIA have taken notice of Faisal Raza Abidi’s use of “derogatory” language against the Supreme Court and Judges.

In a recently released web interview that has been making the rounds on the internet, Faisal Raza Abidi, ex-Senator, has come under the spotlight and not for any noble reasons. In this video he can be seen using derogatory language against the Supreme Court of Pakistan and its esteemed Judges.

The Supreme Court has therefore, taken effective notice of Abidi’s actions on the merit that he has used “highly contemptuous and threatening language” and submitted an FIR under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997 against him, sources claim.

Furthermore, the FIA has also submitted a case against him with the FIA Cyber-Crime division. They have clearly stated that Faisal Raza Abidi in his web Tv Naya Pakistan morning show interview, has attempted to defame the Supreme Court and its Judges.

Moreover, Faisal Raza Abidi is already dealing with charges of defaming the court during his interview in a talk-show with Channel 5.

Abidi has also spoken against the Chief Justice, Saqib Nisar, sources claim. The FIR has been filed against ex-Senator Faisal Raza Abidi, under the Anti-Terrorism Act with the Secretariat in Islamabad.


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