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Support Group Sets off for Rare Delivery in Syria’s Homs Province

Loads of trucks carrying the humanitarian aid were set off on Thursday for town of Rastan located in Syria’s Homs province for a delivery to inundated area where the supplies haven’t been able to go in for months, said the Red Crescent.

Rastan was 1 of the very first areas that was bombed by the Russian war planes when the Moscow had intervened in 5-year Syrian war in Sept.

The New govt. air strikes embattled the area in latest days as a partial ceasefire in the western Syria has been untied.

Support Group Sets off for Rare Delivery in Syria's Homs Province
The Town of Rastan located in Syria’s Homs province

A representative for the Red Cross, that was to deliver help alongside Red Crescent, said that the Thursday’s convoy included sixty-five trucks carrying the food & medical help.

He said that it was 1 of the biggest joint humanitarian aid distributions in Syria.

UN & the Red Cross aid provisions reached a no. of beset areas in the Syria this year, containing amidst a Russian-US-brokered termination of the hostilities contract that took effect in Feb.

The truce is now in shreds after the battle heap on, with the peace talks in Geneva appearing to be collapsed this week.

The Fresh fighting has exiled the tens of thousands more people in the current days near northern city of Aleppo, says the UN. Numerous locations surrounded by the govt. forces and their supporters, IS-fighters and the other insurgents remain tough to reach, say the aid agencies.