‘Sui Dhaaga’ – Movie Review

A small film with a large heart.

‘Sui Dhaaga’ hit our cinemas on Friday. Starring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma, it is a small film with a large heart.


Starring– Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Raghubir Yadav

Genre- Drama, Family, Romance

Directed by- Sharat Katariya

Music by- Anu Malik, Andrea Guerra

Release Date– September 28th, 2018

Rating- 3/5


Sui Dhaaga as the name suggests is a simplistic movie about a tailor, ‘Mauji’ played effortlessly by Varun Dhawan. The film starts with a beautiful continuous shot showcasing an ordinary day of an ordinary man. Mauji is a spirited character who endears himself to the audience every time he emerges on screen.

The film showcases the morning rituals of his family consisting of a disgruntled, sarcastic father who weeps at daily soaps, his mother and his persevering wife played ‘Mamta’ by Anushka Sharma. Again, the role is tailor made for Anushka who has a ‘girl next door’ vibe about her. Void of makeup and glamorous clothes, Anuskha sinks herself into the role of a quietly strong wife who encourages her husband to leave his dead end job and follow his passions and talents as a tailor even though the business had bought the grandfather to ruins.

The relationship between husband and wife is the strong point of the film. There are no elaborate song sequences, there is no elaborate love. Their conversations, like any household, revolve around the chores and people of the house as we sink into this adorable family with a powerhouse of talent at its helm. Their love story is the soul of the film as they communicate initially through other family members or through windows.

Then slowly these barriers break down as scenes of them venturing out to buy cloth and a prized sowing machine, with Mamta taking the lead from behind her pallu, are a joy to watch. What a family it is! Every character is perfect and seems like the people we live next door to.

And then the second half begins. From a nuanced simple story, it enters Bollywood style with these simple tailors designing for fashion shows, complete with an unrelated patriotic thread thrown in for good measure. There was no need to take this simple feel good movie into this direction but it’s a good watch all the same.

I am going with 3 stars out of 5.


Final Verdict- Watch the film for earnest performances from the family who is aptly cast and the simplicity which is so rare nowadays. If you enjoyed ‘Piku’ and ‘Kapoor and Sons’ you will enjoy this one.