Suhana Khan’s Vogue Photo Shoot and the Screams for Nepotism

Too young to be on the prestigious magazine cover.

Suhana Khan is only 18 years old. Her career has just started and she is already facing trolling and criticism. People have an excuse to pull her leg. She is too young to be on Vogue’s cover as it is a prestigious magazine for many years. People sensed the unjust among the industry. People who have been working all their lives to reach up to her level are still on the ladder while she just because of her father, got the chance to model for Vogue’s cover.

The Indian people on Twitter showed their dislike. The hashtag prepared to say #Nepotismrocks. People see beyond the beauty and glory. No doubt the young girl looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous in her first ever photoshoot. Her postures and poses are all perfect and not objectable but still, there are so many girls like Suhana, who have the same talents and they are probably older than her, but still trying.

Shahrukh and the wife Gauri, however, are supporting their daughter and Shahrukh Khan also tweeted about her as for how she has grown so much and wishes her all the good luck for the future. In the replies, we can see people writing long notes on Nepotism and specifically blaming Karan Jauhar for the wave of Nepotism. This is a serious matter as a problem has trusted Bollywood for many years, people have seen different eras of Bollywood, from Big B to Shahrukh and to Varun Dhawan.

Nepotism has always existed in Bollywood, however, it was not that intense. People never used to get bothered that the actor is the son of which big actor. On the other hand, now people are talented, they have exposure and they know each and everything about platforms. Competition has grown to its fullest. They somehow have grown with Bollywood throughout their lives and know what really works in the industry. The problem is that directors and producers seek what’s easy for them. They select and cast the children of celebrities. Following video shows some of the tweets;

In the current time zone, it is actually very unfair to people who actually want pursue careers like these. They have to go through big hurdles in order to reach their destination while children of celebrities get it on their plates. However, the talent should be appreciated. Even if the person is the child of a celebrity, the talent really speaks and if the person is really determined to pursue the career, he/she makes their way out.