Students and their Unhealthy Life

Medical problems in school life

School life is an important stage in students lives however, they face a number of health problems and issues in their lives about which awareness should be created because these are actual problems and need solutions. 

Depression and anxiety are very common issues between school going children these days. The pressure to do good in studies is one cause out of many, other causes include failure of not being perfect in studies as well as extra curricular activities. Moreover, bullying which is common in a lot of schools all over the world whether it be primary, secondary and/or high school education leads to children having anxiety and depression as there is a constant fear of being bullied, this affects how children tend to feel. 

Stress is also common in students of all ages as they’re told that good grades will decide your future including the university you go to and what you become. 

Lack of sleep/insomnia which leads to low attendance, not being active and being tired all the time is another issue faced by students. During exams or even tests/assignment due dates students tend to sleep late. Furthermore, staying up late and being active on social media posting pictures, chatting online and playing games may lead to sleep deprivation as well. 

Moreover, during exams or important tests students tend to take sleeping pills at odd hours to sleep in between and pull all nighters to study. They also take many energy drinks, high caffeine intake or other meditations to help keep them from sleeping. 


This arise due to a constant need of looking perfect in high-school and fear of being rejected by peers, students tend to eat less in most cases and in fact suffer from various eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. 


Anorexia means having a negative body image of oneself people may do extreme dieting so that they can regain that image and loose weight. Moreover, in bulimia people tend to eat food only to throw up or take it out some way or the other so that they don’t consume calories and can also feel like they have eaten food. 


Societal pressure of having a perfect body image, being the perfect body size and regarding chubby as something negative forces girls and boys both to develop such eating disorders. 

These are real problems that students face on a regular basis. For adults there is more awareness about these problems at least comparatively, however, children and students are generally taken lightly on such issues without realizing that they have a grave impact on the lives of students as well.