Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, an adult star and a President, in generic textbook settings

An explosive interview of 2011, published in In Touch Weekly, by the adult star Stormy Daniels (real

Stormy Daniels, former adult star

name Stephanie Clifford) continues to catch heat due to the whopping amount of $130,000 being paid by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, for staying silent, claims The Wall Street Journal.

The claims of the Wall Street Journal are fiery enough to plausibly upset and tumble just about any other government. Twenty years ago, President Clinton went on to issue a public apology for his sexual misconduct with Monica Lewinsky, a Whitehouse intern, following his efforts to cover up infidelity. Such misconducts ended the careers or forced the resignations of earlier Democratic vice-presidential candidate such as John Edwards, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Republican Sen. John Ensign, and Republican Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama, to name a few from the past.

Tiffany (left), Ivanka (Right)

But we are dealing with Donald Trump here with all his tantrums and tirades. A man who loves to label African countries as “shitholes” and calling names to the political leaders of  national and international stature; won’t budge an inch to compare Ivanka or Tiffany, his daughters, with an adult-start, with whom he had a generic textbook encounter, nothing fancy. Are we thinking of moral conduct and ethics here?

Owing to the dynamics of Trump politics, American politics are no longer about productivity plummets in some Paul Krugman columns. Now, the streams of sex, politics and economics have been conclusively overlapped in the powerhouse of the world. Do we need more theatrics here? I guess, no.

But Stormy Daniels will continue to play it to the tune of millions.