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‘Staring girls for 14 seconds’ goes viral in India

Kerala: Spicy and comic debate has gripped the Indian social media over the statement of western state Kerala’s Excise Commissioner Mr Rashi Raj Singh.

The commissioner stated that, “If a man stares a woman for more than 14 seconds, he would be sent to imprisonment as it’s a crime”.

But in contrast, the Indian people are being astonished over this statement as no such law prevails in India.

One of the social media users said that usage of stop- watch hopefully be increased.

Another said that how he would watch the Olympics games being organized in Brazil as the commissioner had banned staring the girls for more than 14 seconds.

The social media user of New Delhi tweeted and asked the punishment for the men with sunglasses.

One said in his tweet that countdown in Kerala would be started from 14 not 10 from onwards.

More funny comments came to strike when one person asked that what kind of punishment would be given to the person who snared the girl for 13.999 seconds.

It is pertinent to mention here that the previous comments of the commissioner about boys and dresses of girls had many times been criticized.