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Starbucks is not coming to Pakistan

It might be each espresso significant other’s fantasy, yet it isn’t working out yet.

In spite of bits of gossip on the web, well known American café chain Starbucks is not setting up shop in Pakistan.

In the past fortnight, news of Starbucks’ approaching entry has been flowing via web-based networking media gatherings, and fanatics of the espresso organization have been hypothesizing where it’s probably going to open its first outlet. Upon enquiry from Starbucks’ squeeze administration, Images discovered that Starbucks has “no arrangements as of now to open a store in Pakistan.”

This isn’t the first run through unrealistic speculation has become wild. There have been solid gossipy tidbits previously that an entire bundle of desired remote brands’ are “coming to Pakistan”, from mold retailers like Zara and Victoria Secret to tech goliaths like Apple.

Those brands have yet to emerge — and Starbucks won’t either. At any rate, not yet.