Stand Up Comedians you Don’t Want to Miss!

Who they are and why you'll love them.

Standup comedy is one of the rising industries at this point in time. In dark times, keeping one’s spirit is important. Laughter does that. As a result, many people all around the world are emerging with new stories, new jokes and a real flair for the dramatic.

Humor, may it be satire, sarcasm, punning et cetera, is thriving.

That being said, it’s getting pretty dark, with ominous world news being the butt of many jokes. But there’s some pretty light family friendly stuff going around too. More and more, comedians are coming forth, and while the older stuff is pretty great, with people like Eddie Murphy and Tina Fey making the whole word, we have to admit, this new material is unbelievable.

It’s gritty, light, complex and hilarious all at once.

Today, we’ve made a list of fantastic standup comedians, who you may or may not know. There’s some legends on this list, but apart from them, everyone here is either just now rising to fame, or is still waiting to get some much needed attention. So, without further ado, some up and coming standup comedians.


Russel Howard

This 38 year old is a greatly beloved British comedian, whose being at it for a while now. He’s won a couple of awards and Britain dotes over him. With ‘The Russell Howard Hour’ and ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’, he’s a pro. His humor is well informed, regarding world politics and relevant situations, and yet is utterly compelling and hilarious. He’ll keep you update as to what’s up, and you’ll probably end up learning a thing or two about Britain’s economy, as well as what’s up with the rest of the world. All the while howling with laughter.


Here’s a link to his youTube channel: Subscribe and Enjoy!


Daniel Sloss

Arguably one of the most philosophical comedians out there, Daniel Sloss is a young man from Scotland, whose dark humor has made him very popular among the youth. He’s honest, sharp and utterly hilarious. But his humor is intense, for sure. So be ready to seriously think as soon as you’re done rolling over the floor. He’s got a certain authority on stage, as well. Plus, he picks up just what the audience would criticize and uses it to his advantage. That goes to show the makings of a great comedian.


Here’s a link to his youTube channel: Subscribe and Enjoy!


Cheslea Peretti

The ‘Brooklyn 99’ star is as fantastic and hilarious in her standup as she is in her performances. She’s been gaining popularity steadily over the years, using her platform to address sexism and general life as a woman in the acting industry.

Her humor is snarky and her style dramatic, and this perfect combination will have you quietly snickering to yourself before you know it. Plus, there’s something very relatable about this woman, and her inherent sense of self confidence make her an inspiring presence.
Here’s a link to her youTube channel:  Subscribe and Enjoy!


James Veitch

The ‘Ted Talk’ speaker and standup comedian brings in the understated sense of humor that is so greatly loved, regardless of its actual content. James Veitch’s practical jokes regarding strangers and friends make for maddeningly funny stories that he tells in an absolutely passive voice and with a straight face. The content, combined with the delivery is a unique mixture.

James manages to bring in a sense of optimism, encouraging all those watching to take the brighter route and fund humor in their own circumstances.

Here’s a link to his youTube channel: Subscribe and Enjoy!


Fern Brady

Another Scottish comedian, Fern Brady is not only empowering, but absurd, unashamed and original in her humor. She’s a fairly young one, with a light, relatable sense of humor that’s made her popular in Britain as well as Scotland. Her jokes, while related to Scotland, sometimes, play into such general stereotypes that one inevitably ends up understanding them, and laughing uncontrollably. Plus, her heavy accent only plays into her general demeanor on stage that makes her so likeable.


Here’s a link to her youTube channel: Subscribe and Enjoy!


There they are. Some of the more unknown yet valuable and capable comedians who are using their talent to brighten others’ lives. They all have a number of shows, so the content isn’t something you need to worry about. No matter your sense of humor, no matter your preferences, these comedians will have something for you. So, if you wish to laugh and enjoy, check them out. You won’t regret it.