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Spot-fixing case: Sharjeel Khan once again summoned by Court

Previous PSL raised many spot-fixing scandals and many players were alleged in spot-fixing.

PCB officials named some players and also said that they have evidence against the highlighted players.

Sharjeel Khan with his advocate Sheghan Ijaz

The advocate of Sharjeel Khan, Shegan Ijaz, in PCB spot-fixing case was talking with media today.

He stated that the video and audio recordings and WhatsApp messages between Khalid and Nasir Jamshed, played in court are not exhibited by any PCB officials or counsel.

Whenever an evidence is placed before the court then, it needs to be legally exhibited by the founder of the evidence. But in this case, no one exhibits this.

Now our stance is accepted by the tribunal and we are satisfied by this act of tribunal.

Now the tribunal asked to present Sharjeel Khan and Khalid as their own court witness but the plea is only on trial till now and we are not bound to answer it until they accept that they don’t want to place any evidence in rebuttal. For this purpose, PCB had to take time until tomorrow. Firstly they legally accept it then we will answer their plea, he said.

He further added, “this stance of placing plea and then taking the time to answer it is just a delaying tact because PCB knows that they can’t win this case.

PCB Lawyer Taffazul Rzivi

After Shegan, PCB lawyer Taffazul Rizvi, revealed his opinion regarding the case,

He said, “Sharjeel Khan denied appearing before the court as a witness which is very unusual because he neither denied to our evidence of opening brief nor gave any explanation over it. That’s why we asked the tribunal to make Khalid Latif and Sharjeel appear in the court and prove them innocent. But the advocate of Sharjeel Khan asked us to show the rebuttal evidence and for that purpose, we need at least one day.

He further said that Sharjeel Khan came to know that he can’t get him away from this case that’s why he is doing such tact.

He added “both were interviewed by Col Azam and Salman Naseer about this evidence and they never denied about their WhatsApp audio and video recording. Also, we have reports of Punjab Forensic Science Agency regarding evidence and all USB evidence are exhibited and reported.

He further added, “this case is proceeding in PCB anti-corruption code which has many vast resources to judge a case and Sharjeel’s advocate is raising many technical objections which have no value after this code.

Further proceedings will follow tomorrow.

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