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Spending for education to be doubled by 2018

WASHINGTON: On Thursday,  Michelle Obama, US First Lady, office announced  that Pakistan has agreed to double its spending on the education by 2018 from two per cent to four per cent of GDP.

In return of which, Michelle Obama has announced, “a $70 million additional contribution to educate adolescent girls in Pakistan,” on Thursday.

Pakistan would also enroll more girls in school and provide more female teachers,” her Office said.

The first Lady welcomed Mrs. Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif and Ms Maryam Nawaz Sharif to the White House, Earlier on Thursday. The two visiting dignitaries came to the office residence of the United States president to express their support for the Mrs Obama’s program “let Girls Learn” initiative.

The First Lady and the US president launched “Let Girls Learn initiative this year to help more than 60 million girls worldwide who don’t attend school and they have asked world leaders to join the effort.”

Pakistan has joined the United Kingdom, Japan, and the South Korea in announcing steps to the further girl’s education.

She said that, “I’m proud to announce that, building on Pakistan’s commitment to double education spending…the US will be investing $70 million to educate adolescent girls in Pakistan.”

Mrs. Michelle Obama who began her remarks with an As Salaam alaikum, noted that, “the additional funding would allow organizers to build more than a dozen new schools and rehabilitate hundreds of others in Pakistan.”

She said that, “We’re going to be setting up health screenings for thousands of girls to ensure they’re getting the medical care they need.”

Her programme would also funded skills-training programmes and college scholarships for girls,” Mrs Obama said.

She added that, “Taken together, these efforts will reach 200,000 girls in Pakistan. I’m going to say that again – that’s 200,000 girls.”

 “That is 200,000 girls who will have a chance to fulfill their promise – just like our daughters have that opportunity – and become the next generation of doctors and teachers and entrepreneurs; the next Mrs Sharifs, the leadership of the country.”

“And that’s 200,000 girls who will one day raise healthier, more educated families of their own.

This investment represented a major milestone for these girls and for their country,” she said. She added that, “the announcement was part of a much bigger investment in global girls’ education.” Mrs Obama further added that, “her programme issued a call to countries across the globe to join it in investing or increasing their investment in girls’ education.” And, “when they did Pakistan was among the countries that responded.”

She noted that, “ in just past eight months, countries across the globe had pledged nearly $800 million to this cause. That includes nearly $350 million from Japan, nearly $200 million from a partnership between the UK and the US, and $200 million from South Korea.”

The First Lady said that, “So in addition to those 200,000 girls in Pakistan, hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide will finally have a chance to get the education they deserve.”