Spacewalk selfie by Tim Peake

UK space traveler Tim Peake portrayed his first stroll in space as “elating”, as he posted photographs – including a selfie – of the accomplishment on Twitter.

It will “be scratched in my memory always – truly a mind blowing feeling,” said Peake, the first space traveler speaking to the UK to complete a spacewalk.

He and US partner Tim Kopra were outside the space station, doing repairs, for four hours and 43 minutes.

Be that as it may, their spacewalk was stopped after water spilled into Col Kopra’s protective cap.

The pair had as of now supplanted a fizzled electrical box, which was their principle objective.

Nasa is under a decision to end a spacewalk under such circumstances after an occurrence in 2013, when an European space explorer added to a critical head protector spill and about suffocated.

“When we discovered water on the visor, that was the point at which we pulled the trigger and ended the walk,” said flight executive Royce Renfrew, who ended the spacewalk at 16:58 GMT on Friday.

Subsequent to getting the guideline, the space travelers promptly began advancing back to the Quest sealed area – touching base there around 15 minutes after the fact.

Major Peake said thanks to mission controllers after the twosome were securely inside with the external airtight chamber lid shut, saying: “You all made an incredible showing.”

Later on Friday night, he posted two tweets, two hours separated.


His initially included three photos and by Saturday morning it had more than 9,000 retweets and 18,000 preferences.

It incorporated a selfie that demonstrated his camera in the impression of his protective cap.

His next tweet said: “Wrapping up today’s spacewalk exercises. Immense because of the ground groups who make it all conceivable and keep us safe out there – you folks rock!”

The previous armed force major and helicopter pilot has been on board the International Space Station for around a month.

The original post appeared on BBC.