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Southern Russia: 3 Men Blow Themselves Up Outside a Police Station

On Monday 3 men blew themselves up outside a rural police station in the southern Russia, after attempting to the gain entry to building as share of a failed attack, said the Russian investigators in a statement.

The violence took place in Novoselitskoe that is a village in the Russia’s Stavropol region close to area of volatile North Caucasus, where the Islamist militants intended to carve out a breakaway caliphate have targeted police officers in a series of shootings and car bombings.

“As a result of blasts, police station & some cars nearby suffered some damage,” said the Russia’s Investigative Committee in a statement, adding, “No local people or police were hurt.”

Investigators also said that they’d identified the suicide bombers as the men from another village in area with prior convictions, including murder. Their names proposed that they were originally from majority-Muslim North Caucasus region.

The Investigators however didn’t suggest a motive but they said that they unbolted a criminal case for an effort on life of the police officers.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson stated that it was too soon to say if the incident was a criminal or a terrorist act.

The Local schools and kindergartens were emptied as a safety measure, reported the news agencies and the police were put on an advanced state of the military-style readiness, said an interior ministry spokesperson in Stavropol

A witness video on news site revealed the blackened entrance to police station & debris in front of it as an incessant alarm sounded.

The man who filmed the video, who wasn’t named, said that the locals heard 5 explosions & the sound of the automatic gun fire.