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South Sudan Rebel Chief Returns to Juba

Riek Machar, the South Sudan’s rebel leader arrived the capital, Juba, after a week-long deferral that has threatened to ruin a peace contract.

He was avowed as the 1st vice-president in recent unity govt. that is led by the President Salva Kiir.

This is a crucial part of deal that is aimed at concluding 2 years of fight that’s killed tens of thousands & had left around 2 million people homeless.

Mr. Machar fled Juba at beginning of conflict in Dec 2013.

He had been blamed of trying to organize a rebellion, that he denied – however it set off a round of tit-for-tat killings that later developed into full-blown fight.

South Sudan Rebel Chief Returns to Juba

Ministers and diplomats greeted Mr. Machar, wearing a light-coloured shirt, as he strode  out of his plane, said the reports from AFP news agency.

“We need to bring our people together so they can unite & heal wounds,” Mr Machar was cited as saying.

He also said that major priorities were to make sure a permanent ceasefire, to stabilize economy & ensure the humanitarian right of entry throughout the South Sudan.

The civil war broke out over rigidities between Mr Machar & Mr Kiir who’s sacked as the vice-president in July 2013.

James Copnall of BBC in Juba says that once the govt. is shaped, the donors will start stumping up the money – vital as the economy is at rock bottom.

Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily the end of conflict as the both sides have persistent to clash regardless of a ceasefire signed in Aug., he says.

There’re also the rebel groups who have not signed peace deal.