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Someone from “East” dictated the story

Pakistan is witnessing numerous problems, starting from the war on terrorism to corruption and fraudulent reports from FBR. In 2013 General elections PML-N lead by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif came into power. Any formal announcement by ECP was yet to be made but! Nawaz declared himself as the Prime Minister of the country.

From that very day, Pakistan is going into the debts of IMF and world bank. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was declared as the best finance minister of Pakistan. Nawaz and his company had a set pattern to lock horns with GHQ. During General Musharraf regime, Nawaz wants SSG commando to kneel himself and consider him (Nawaz) as “King of country”but Musharraf neither bowed nor allowed Nawaz to run the government.

Nawaz ran away from the country by signing deal with the GHQ and Musharraf ran the country for 11 years. After NRO was signed between Musharraf and Benazir, all corrupt mafia’s started holding important government portfolio’s.

Pakistan witness 2013 general elections and a new government came into power. Old faces, old tactics. Nawaz Sharif appointed Gen Raheel Sharif as COAS of the Army, with a view that Raheel will bow himself and army will become special branch like police but GHQ cabinate refused to do so. Meanwhile Imran Khan and Dr Qadri blocked constitution avenue in Islamabad. Nawaz and his company left Islamabad and locked them self in Jati Umra Lahore. Gen Raheel acted as a mediator and resolved the issue.

After the APS massacre National action Plan (NAP) was made, All parties signed the document but non of them tried to implement the NAP in its true spirit.

While Pakistan army is fighting a war in FATA and in Karachi, Modi govt started atrocities in Kashmir. Pakistan weak foreign policy and lack of interest leads to such and end that more than 200 Kashmiris martyred and Pakistan failed to launch diplomatic campaign against India. When people of Pakistan and army asked Nawaz govt to act and tell the world about Kashmir atrocities, Nawaz was reluctant to do that because of his business interest in India.

As the UN general assembly session was in progress, Indian forces conducted URI attack and blamed Pakistan. As the media war was launched by the India, Pakistani media kept silent and acted as “who cares”. India got an edge of this behavior and claimed to done Surgical strike inside Pakistan. A baseless and fabricated Bollywood inspired army further said to destroy the launching pads of terrorist inside Pakistan.

During the course of media war “Diplomatic Isolation of Pakistan” campaign was launched by the Modi govt. SAARC members refused to come to Pakistan. Asian countries backed India but the point which is to be noted in the whole movie was “Diplomatic isolation”.

On 7th October 2016, Cyril Almeida dawn news reporter and assistant editor wrote a story with the title

“Exclusive: Act against militants or face international isolation, civilians tell military”

The word isolation was used again by the Pakistani newspaper. The Indian media used the same lines as Cyril used, NDTV says “Is India Succeeding In Diplomatic Isolation Of Pakistan?

video link:


Times now says in his headline “Pakistan Exposed and Isolated

“Moreover Cyril article also include the name of Hafiz Saeed in it. As Indian channels already named Hafiz Saeed in its debate during surgical strike drama

Times Now says “Maroof Questions nexus between Hafiz Saeed and Pak army

Cyril article was spin on the same lines as the aforementioned news videos and links are shared. Pakistan army on the other side claimed that “they haven’t asked government to put Cyril name on ECL. Its only Ch Nisar power to put Cyril name in ECL.

Dawn news published a news store on 24 Sept with the headline “Modi says India will work to ‘isolate’ Pakistan internationally” 

Cyril article highlighted those areas which were discussed by Indian media. Exclusive information shared to Cyril by the some Federal Minister is yet to be investigate, Only Ch Nisar and Ishaq Dar were sitting in the meeting which were holding the portfolios of federal minister.  Someone from east was dictating the store to Cyril and someone within the PM office was sitting with Cyril and Dawn senior editor. Army wants only one answer who dictated this story. PM Nawaz and his company once again ready to lock horns with GHQ.