Some secrets that remained unrevealed

A secret is something that is kept hidden from something. An individual always has many secrets however, there are some social secrets which mostly remain hidden due to negligence and ignorance.

Baaghi TV therefore, brings to you the secrets that remained hidden through out time and that one should know.

Here are some of those secrets:

  • In London, to be a black cab driver, one is expected to know at least 25,000 roads and more than 50,000 spots of interests. Then he has to pass a test called “The Knowledge” for which he must appear at least 12 times and there is a preparation of almost 34-month for him.
  • Pirates kidnapped Julius Cesar at the age of 22-year. Pirates treated him as a friend and he insisted them to double the ransom money. The pirates did. He also vowed that he would crucify them when he would be set free. The pirates laughed at his roar however, later after he was freed by the pirates, he crucified them
  • A highly decorated German officer during World War-II, Erwin Rommel treated the captured soldiers very humanely ignoring all the order of killing Jews, civilians and was also conspired to assassinate Hitler. After his death, he was given respect over his grave by both sides. Moreover, he is the only one of The Third Reich to have been dedicated with a museum.
  • A very amazing fact that surfaced was that the company which owned World Trade Center had planned a meeting on 88th floor of Tower-1 on 9/11/2001 however, the meeting was cancelled after there occurred nonavailability of an influential member. The meeting was to discuss about terrorism.
  • Hitler’s plan was to kill all the residents of Moscow during World War-II and replace that with a lake.
  • While en route to New York City from Los Angeles, last year in May, an American airline made an unplanned landing in Kanas City. The reason was to off load a passenger who was not stopping singing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”.
  • A serial killer Richard Chase only broke into houses which were unlocked. He would never go to houses that were locked as he thought that unwelcome him and if the house was unlocked, he would take it as an invitation.
  • The bulletproof jacket was actually invented by a pizza delivery guy after he was shot twice during his duty.
  • A 13-year-old boy, James Harrison promised to donate blood as he turns 18-year after he needed at least 13 liters of blood during his surgery.  His blood contains some antigens which can cure Rhesus disease. Therefore, he has donated blood almost 1000 times and saved 2,000,000 lives.