SOFTEC 2016 – ”Science & Technology – Our Islamic Heritage”

Information technology (IT) has the potential to revolutionize the lives of people in developing countries, but lately Pakistan has been facing several unique challenges—including widespread poverty, health and energy crises in both, rural and urban communities.

IT alone cannot solve all of the problems that Pakistan is facing, but Information Technology should be part of the solution.

Pakistan’s IT industry is generating US$ 2.8 billion annually and directly employs 0.15 million people. However, creating economic, political, and social uniformity between Pakistan and the developed world requires more than flash-in-the-pan solutions which currently dominate the still-an-infant IT industry.

With the fast-paced technological advancements, start-up level projects (i.e. the early stage in the life cycle of enterprises) are playing a key role in fuelling economic growth. In line with this, FAST-NU Lahore Campus continues its proud tradition of hosting the biggest IT event at the university level in Pakistan -SOFTEC.

SOFTEC is an annual event organized at FAST-NU Lahore Campus, with the primary aim of promoting the innovation of Information Technology and the propagation of its benefits amongst all. For the past 19 years, this IT extravaganza has enriched the awareness amongst students and professionals alike, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, an environment for the showcase of exceptional professional skill and a platform for innovation.

The event has become an annual feature at FAST-NU and each year SOFTEC grows bigger and attracts a larger number of participants. Last year, top IT firms of Pakistan from SOFTEC’s platform hired over a hundred FASTians.

Having established SOFTEC regionally as an IT event of exceptional standing, appealing to people of all age groups and breaking a barrier of around 1,000 participants in any event organized by the students of Pakistan, SOFTEC 2016 will attempt to expand its activities to focus on aspects of I.T. This is just another step towards involving people of varied interests in this edifying event. It is to take place on 12th & 13th March, 2016.

There is no shortage of high class competitions in top universities including LUMS, LSE, NCA and UET but this one thing has set SOFTEC apart.

This year, the Team SOFTEC has ensured that no IT enthusiast is left behind. Successful IT participants and entrepreneurs from around 270 universities will interact in a series of sessions, conferences, and seminars Day 1’s chief guest will be Dr. Umar Saif, Director PITB and for Day 2, Mr. Syed Ahmed Pasha.

The most anticipated competitions are:

Software Competition: The competition brings together students from across the world to display their software projects for judging by a team of experts, providing participants with feedback and experience of real-world evaluation benchmarks.

Web Development Competition: Different teams from renowned institutes participate to test their web development skills against a broader and tougher spectrum of students and get to know the most recent developments in the field by the experts.

Belal Hashmi Programming Competition: Programming under timed conditions tests the skills of the participants involved to the limit. This competition has traditionally been the most electrifying event at SOFTEC, mainly due to its highly competitive and challenging nature.

Engineering Project Competition: the hardware-based projects submitted to the software competition in recent years, as well as the institute’s steps into the hardware engineering education arena, prompted SOFTEC Society to initiate this competition exclusively for engineering projects of undergraduate students.

Microcontroller Interfacing Competition: this competition, like the Engineering Project competition, was launched in SOFTEC 2007. Part of the initiative to bring hardware concerns to the fore, the microcontroller interfacing competition followed the pattern of the programming competition.

G3n.X Gaming Competition: G3n.X stands for GENeration neXt and is an International Gamers Assembly run by gamers amongst the student body of FAST-NU. The founders of this assembly envisioned a platform where gamers from throughout the country could come together to compete.

Best Embedded Robot Competition: The Robotics Exhibition at SOFTEC 2012 will provide engineers around Pakistan a platform to put their efforts on display.

Ideas Extreme; Students are required to come up with wild, speculative ideas concerning novel applications of IT in the future, demonstrating their ideas via a chart or physical model.

An exhibition of student projects is also going to be hosted. For IT industry professionals looking for talent to hire, this is the perfect place to look for it.


A Bit About SOFTEC Society – The Pioneers of IT:

SOFTEC society has a huge volunteer base and is led by the executive body based on 13 members: President Syed Ali Raza Sherazi, Vice President Sarmad Sattar, Huzaifa Waseem and Fiza Aqil, General Secretary Mohammad Zohaib, Treasurer Alisha Nadeem, Assistant Vice President Inshal Khalid, Muhammad Junaid Aslam and Nimrah Mustafa, Assistant General Secretary Muhammad Usman Shabbir, Competitions Coordinator Abdullah Warraich, Head of Evaluations Ali Rizvi and Usman Latif as the Event Coordinator

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SOFTEC started with a single competition in 1995. SOFTEC organized an All Asia event in 2005. SOFTEC 2006 brought participants from as far away as Nepal. SOFTEC 2007 brought students from the Middle Eastern countries such as Iran. Today SOFTEC runs nearly a dozen competitions and exhibitions. Participants in the competitions come from as far away as India, Iran, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, UK, USA, and Australia.

SOFTEC Society, the organizing body of the annual SOFTEC event, is the largest student society of FAST-NU. Its establishment by a group of students of the FAST-NU Lahore campus came in 1995. In addition to the SOFTEC Society team, a large percentage of the student body of the Lahore campus work as volunteers to create the event.

SOFTEC society has been planning for the event since start of October. This, and the rich legacy of SOFTEC has set high expectations and if the society is able to deliver or not, one can only find out by becoming a part of the event.

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