Social media grilled Hina Butt

Politics for the leader, by the ticket holder for future ticket. The burning game of politics on dead bodies is gaining momentum. Thousands of people had lost their family members either in terrorist attacks or in “Police Muqabala’s”.

A statement which has become a fashion in Pakistan from the politicians is like running on taprecorder. Recently Hina Pervaiz Butt MPA of Muslim League N tweeted her beeper which she gave to Dawn channel. Her followers thrash her like never before.

    The PR campaign is touching new heights which are creating more unrest among the nation. Mariam Nawaz Sharif is the founder of PR campaigns. She leads the media wing of N league. Hina Butt is daughter of a prominent businessman. Few sections of N league says her father paid hefty amount to N-league for buying the Punjab Provincial Government ticket. The politics is for sale, more you pay and you will get the ticket.