Social Media Destroying Lives

Disadvantages of the "overuse" of social media

Social media lets us know about everyone and everything within a short span of time. It allows us the privilege to get all the information we want about several topics may it be news, celebrity gossip or anything else. Social media has made it easier for us to connect with someone miles away and now the world does look smaller. 

However, nothing comes without consequence. Social media also has its disadvantages such as affecting the lives of everyone around us, perhaps even adversely but, some may not even realize it. 

Constantly scrolling through our phones we see the lavish lifestyle of celebrities and other famous personalities and we are completely in awe of them. Moreover, we start comparing ourselves to our better off relatives as well in most cases. The danger this alone provides is the struggle to get what all the others have, the struggle to live the life they live, to have everything as extravagant and as beautiful as others have it.

Furthermore, face to face interaction has been reduced due to social media as well, as people are always communicating over social media. Lack of confidence persists in the younger generation due to not talking and interacting when meeting while chatting online for hours. 

Cyber-bullying is also becoming alarmingly common these days, people leave hurtful remarks under the posts and pictures of others. People can easily say hurtful things and get away with them while that may not be possible in real life. Unauthentic and destructive content is also posted by cyber bullies online to bring down others.

Health issues by the dozen are regularly faced by the people using social media. It makes people lazy as people mostly lay on the couch the whole day simply using their phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets, chatting away the time with people behind the screens. While exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle people just sit idly and use social media without being productive in their daily routines and fitness. 

Family time has also been reduced.If the whole family goes out to eat,every individual member may it be a  child or an adult, all of them are busy with their phones taking pictures of food and uploading them on social media. 

Furthermore, it forces everyone to become who they are not and have a false image on social media. Consistently posting edited pictures of oneself or showing everyone how and what one is upto having fun and enjoying oneself while in reality all we’re doing is taking videos and pictures to post and not really enjoying or living those precious moments. 

Parents argue that social media causes a lot of distraction especially for the children because they do not spend time “productively” by focusing solely on studies and other responsibilities but, will actually be on the phone while doing even something as simple as that. Which means their grades and future are at risk. 

Studies show that anxiety and depression amongst teens have also risen by an approximate of 70% in the past 25 years and one of the main reasons may be attributed to an “overuse” of technology. Even if people are depressed because of other several reasons in their lives social media does not help solve the issue, in fact, sometimes it leads to adding more reasons for them to feel stressed and in return,it leaves them depressed. Although, there are many perks of social media people must realize how harmful it can be as well.