Small Lifestyle Changes That’ll Help You Achieve Your Best Life

Just a couple of easy steps and you're set.

Life is hard. What a simple way to say a difficult thing but, it’s a true thing. Life challenges us in every way, physically and emotionally. Events and decisions often appear in the form of tests, making us think and compromise and if we’re lucky. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, an adult or a child, a man or a woman, there’s always something that’s making your life harder.

For some, it’s a tangible thing, like an illness, for others it’s an act, like a job or academic life. And for others, it is a plague of their own minds. Whether this is in the form of mental illness, or simple bad habits like disorganization, it is always a challenge to live one’s ‘best life’.

Now, the concept of one’s ‘best life’ has emerged recently, and is a truly intoxicating concept.

The idea is that every person should attempt to achieve contentment and happiness within their own lives. Each person has their own version of what the best life is. For some, it’s spiritual, for others its material.

Regardless, finally, a name has been given to the idea of wanting better in one’s life. A name has been given to the idea of living one’s life in such a way that they are truly happy but, we understand just how hard this can seem.

How, sometimes, no matter what we can’t seem to improve the overall quality of our lives, even if individual parts of it are running smoothly. Lucky for you, today we’ve gone ahead and compiled some small lifestyle changes that you can bring about to improve your life and work towards your own idea of your best life.


Sleeping an hour more:

tired sleep GIF

We know. We know. The importance of sleep is something you hear about all the time, and yes, you get that it’s important, but you just don’t have time. Well, you need to make time. And believe me, an hour extra every few days isn’t hard to spare as it sounds and feels like.

Just don’t spend as much time on your phone and try to finish up work early. Yes, you read right. We understand that for working people or students, a full 8-9 hour rest every night is nearly impossible but, at the very least, you should try for 6-7 hours a night. And for a few days, sleep an hour early to get that rejuvenation you didn’t know you needed.

Oftentimes, your mental state will deteriorate significantly because of sleep deprivation and you won’t even know it. If you don’t believe us, compare your productivity after sleeping 8 hours versus your productivity after sleeping 5 hours and you’ll see a world of difference.


Have a plan:

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When we say this, we don’t mean that you should have your entire life worked out. You don’t. Honestly, if you’re able to plan and execute 1 entire day, that’s enough. Some people do this already but, either you don’t completely adhere to your won lists or you only do it once in a while.

Now, the most important thing with this habit is consistency.

Once you develop a habit, it’s easy to sit down and chart down your days. As soon as you are able to plan and perform your days, you can gradually start moving up and laying out weeks, months and so on and so forth. Also, it’s really great to have yearly or bi-yearly goals. Kind of like a realistic new year’s resolution.

It can literally be anything, and of course, you can change it whenever you want but, you’ll notice as you plan things out, a degree of structure will seep into your life. With that structure, you’ll be able to factor in relaxation and personal development times as well. Also, there’s something insanely satisfying about completing a task and checking it off.

Something to remember throughout this process though, is that your schedule or plan can always change.

There’s always things we can’t factor in, last minute tasks we forget, places we have to go, people we need to meet. And that’s completely fine. The purpose of these schedules is to give you a general structure in your life, not to make you anxious and limited because you feel the need to live according to a list.


Everything in moderation:

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No matter what age you are, relaxing and taking breaks is something everyone loves. Whether it’s a 20 minute nap, or a 2 hour long movie, everyone has their own way of de-stressing. But more often than not, we end up being so overworked that we put off the idea of taking a break, choosing instead to work throughout that time.

At the time, we think this is a great idea, but in truth, too much of this can result in lowered productivity. You see, if you work productively for some time and then take a break, you are rewarding your brain and body. So, you effectively condition yourself to work hard and relax in moderate amounts.

Now, if you overwork yourself, or don’t work at all, you upset a balance within your own mind. To understand this better, just think about your life. Oftentimes, when you have a lot of work and you take a short break, it stretches on longer than you thought it would. You just can’t get yourself to work or concentrate. And in the end, you feel unproductive and unhappy with yourself. That’s because your internal balance is upset.

Nowadays, there’s a way to productively relax. It’s a personalized method of understanding how much you can work before you need a break or you need to switch to something else. Many times, as a student, I’ve implemented this, changing from a complicated concept to a simple homework, so I get work done, and allow my brain some time to relax. Other times, I simply take a break, not really doing anything other than listening to music or lying down. By doing this, you emerge relaxed and ready, almost like starting a new day.


So there you have it. 3 lifestyle changes that are small but, require focus and dedication. Something to remember, however, is that you don’t have to do it all at once. Start small. Just sleep more, or plan out the next three days. Be mindful or your breaks for the rest of the day only. You don’t have to go big. Instead, go effective. Go long-term and watch as these positive habits change your life.