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Sindh is stealing water, Balochistan’s accusations!

On Tuesday, Balochistan assembly has passed a resolution against alleged stealing of water by Sindh under the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) agreement.

Mohammad Khan Lehri, a PML-N lawmaker, tabled the resolution. The resolution was unanimously adopted by the house.

“Denial of water from Sindh has inflicted damages to standing crops in Balochistan,” said Lehri while tabling the resolution.

Sindh has been stealing water continuously and it has become a major problem for farmers in Jaffarabad and Naseerabad districts, the resolution stated.

Sindh was responsible for providing 2,500 cusecs of water during the growing season. He, however, claimed that since 1991, Balochistan was being denied the share as per the IRSA pact, according to Mr Lehri.

Balochistan assembly also demanded the Federal government to direct the Sindh government to ensure Balochistan’s share of water is provided to the province.

Chief Ministers of Sindh and Balochistan had agreed to resolve the issue through political means, after repeated allegations by the Balochistan government.