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Shut up, on Push up!

What is the best way to become famous in Pakistan? Do something as stupid as you can and people will hail you as either a genius or someone who has no idea what he is talking about. MNA Rana Afzal Khan who belongs to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (M) proved to the world that he is one genius who doesn’t know what he is talking about. By making the world about his thoughts about the Push Up celebration, he has told the world that Members of the National Assembly are sometimes even more less-informed than those who elect them.

This comes from a political party that has done nothing at all for sports in the country – the national game Hockey is in shambles, Squash hasn’t produced a champion in over 2 decades, Snooker is popular due to the efforts of their Association. The reason why Cricket is regarded as the most followed sport in Pakistan is because PML N has nothing to do with the game except may be appoint a person whom they trust with their life. That person works with a team that might not have a clean record but they know what they are doing. That’s how things work in Pakistan and that’s the reason why the team is doing well in international cricket.

Coming back to Rana Afzal‘s comments that show that he is an insecure person who still hasn’t forgotten the Army coup of 1999. He still must get nightmares of the slaps that were delivered on Ministers and Party Workers for agreeing to change of Chief of Army Staff. That cowardly act by Nawaz Sharif resulted in the coup and had his party members been good learners, they might not have repeated the mistake again. But no … Rana Afzal comes out in the open about his comments on ‘Push Ups’ as if there is nothing wrong in Pakistan, everybody is happy with the way things are going on and Nawaz Sharif is being hailed as a saint rather than a Prime Minister. In reality we know that that is not the case.

Pakistan Cricket team’s current winning streak is due to their excellent fitness and the more the guys give credit to their trainers at Abbottabad, the better. Be it in the cold conditions of England or in the hot weather of UAE, the players have shown to the world that their fitness is at par with anyone. After Misbah ul Haq’s push up at Lord’s, the commentators, the groundsmen and even spectators replicated the effort. His teammates also did Push Ups on the tour of England and later in the series against the West Indies when they reached a milestone. Were they wrong in doing that considering Pakistan was performing well and England wasn’t. The only person who didn’t like the Push Up idea was opposing Captain Alistair Cook and now he has a friend in Rana Afzal.

Thank God many international sportsmen are not Pakistanis otherwise Rana Afzal might have had issue with their celebrations. He would have said that why does Olympic Star Usain Bolt point towards the sky; who does Aamer Sohail show his bat to and why only after 50 or 100 … why not when gets out for a duck; Why does Chris Gayle dance after winning the World T20 … it isn’t the first time a team has won the event. So the next time you go to vote, just remember the mentality of Rana Afzal and his fellow party members. They deserve to be sent back to their homes where their narrow minds will only affect them and their family.