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Couple shot dead in Jacobabad

On Wednesday, late at night in the home of a newspaper hawker, a man broke into their home and shot him and his wife. After killing the couple the man fled the scene leaving their 3 sons and a daughter alive watching over the murder of their parents.

The victims were identified as Umna Jamali and Faiz Jamali.

The police arrived at the scene and immediately transported the couple to the Jacobabad Civil Hospital. Umna was declared dead by the doctors on arrival and Faiz died while being treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

As the police were investigating the murder scene, while talking to the neighbors they discovered that the attacker told the people not to intervene as this was a matter of extramarital affairs.

The Jacobabad SSP, Sarfaraz Nawaz Shaikh, visited the crime scene and told the reporters that the FIR is to be registered and they are working and collecting evidence to reach a conclusion and determine the motive behind the murder.

However, the initial investigation report says that the attack was carried out by two gunmen and the police hunting for them.